Child care centers need access control for controlling both children and parents to ensure child safety at each child or day care center. Having a secure child care facility is an important factor in a parents search for a child care center for their children.

The proper access control for a child care center will ensure that only authorized individuals may have both the door and child released for entry and exit. Childcare centers are perfect for video surveillance. With the number of working parents increasing, childcare is becoming an essential part of early education. A video surveillance system helps you keep track of your employees and children at all times. Keeping intruders and unwanted visitors out is easy. A video surveillance system at your daycare or childcare center can help keep children safe and provide parents peace of mind.


Computer labs are essential to the kids growth in this modern day era where understanding computers at an early age can help set the foundation for the kids early introduction to technology. Most of the early childhood learning tools are done via software. Whether you need help setting up a new lab or need help maintaining an existing lab, Akisha Networks can help. Don’t spend countless hours trying to install and maintain your computers. You need your system running optimally so that your business runs without interruptions.