Fire Systems

Akisha Networks is licensed commercial fire company in the state of Texas. Akisha Networks is a full-service fire and safety company that sells, services and maintains a broad range of commercial and residential fire and safety products and services.

Fire alarm and detection systems are the foundation of any fire protection system. It is essential to notify and allow for evacuation in the event of a fire. The ramification of a defective fire alarm system can be catastrophic, which may result in the loss of life and property.

Whether you need a basic monitoring system for a sprinkler or a more sophisticated addressable system that incorporates smokes, pulls, dampers and access systems, rely on ANI’s experienced team to design, install, inspect, and service the fire system that fits your building needs.

We are not like most companies that install proprietary equipment to limit the customer’s choices to what company they can use for equipment, monitoring, and inspection services. ANI will design the best system that will fit your facility needs. We maintain our current customers because of our knowledge, professionalism, and customer service.

Design and Installation

ANI will design and install the proper system that fits your facility’s needs as required by the NFPA(National Fire Protection Association). We will work with your local AHJ(Authority Having Jurisdiction) to make sure we design a system that is acceptable in your county. Our engineers and experienced technicians can design and install the proper system the will pass your Fire Marshall and or AHJ stringent policies. Time is very critical when you need the occupancy permit that will allow you to move into your building space. ANI will work around the clock if necessary to meet deadlines.

ANI is qualified to design, furnish, and install the following needed Fire Products:

  • Audio/Visual Notification Products
  • Initiation Products
  • Addressable Detection Products
  • Conventional Detection Products
  • Fire Alarm Control Systems
  • Elevator Recall
  • Access, Security and Fan Controls
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • UL Certification
  • Test and Inspect Monitoring Devices

We installed UL Certified Fire alarm products by well-known manufactures including: Fire-lite, Silent Knight, Bosch (Radionics), Notifier.

Repair Service and Inspect

Our objective is to install, service and maintain fire systems according to the NFPA standards. National Fire Protection Association states that reacceptance testing for fire alarm systems shall be conducted on an annual basis to insure continuing proper functioning of control equipment, power supplies, initiating devices, indicating appliances, and other components of a fire alarm system. Many local fire authorities require a service agreement to be in place to insure routine maintenance of fire alarm system devices and other components of a fire alarm system.

In addition, to our maintenance service we also offer 24hr monitoring services. The Fire alarm system will be programmed to communicate with our central monitoring station. Once a signal is received from the alarm system, the local fire department and your company representative will be notified.

We Design Systems That Meet Your Objectives

At the beginning of the process our experience team will work hand and hand with you and your local Fire Authority to make sure we design a system that will satisfy the objectives of your insurance company and the regulatory requirements of national, state, and local codes. We will submit the required documents to the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to be approved and signed. Once the drawings are approved, we will begin the installation of your required Fire System. Lastly, we will have a licensed technician walk with the local Fire Authority’s Representative to insure approval of each and every device. After completion, our clients receive detailed drawings and product data.

Flexibility Built Into Each Design

Flexibility is vital to the installation of a Fire System. It is important that the system be installed to allow growth. Having to change a system because of no flexibility for system expansion can be costly. The installation of the proper products has to be taken into consideration when designing a Fire Alarm System.

Thorough Knowledge of Equipment

It is imperative that we maintain a thorough knowledge of the equipment that we install. Our technicians receive countless hours of training to stay abreast of current changes in the equipment we install. The manufacturer’s equipment does not dictate what we install. We install the proper equipment based on the objectives of the requirements that are needed to satisfy the customer and the local authority. ANI is a solutions provider. We carefully examine and analyze the needs of the client to determine the equipment for the right solution.

Installation Team

Akisha Networks, Inc.(ANI) professional installers and supervisors have been educated and have received first-hand training of the regulatory codes, standards, and products. Our professional supervisors guide the meticulous precise installation of the fire protection products, equipment, and components.
Our experienced project managers will implement the proper scheduling and will maintain an adequate schedule to efficiently complete the installation and approval of your system.