Here at Akisha Networks, Inc.(ANI) we are familiar with the technical security needed to protect the hospitality industry.  Technical security relates to access control and alarm monitoring, biometrics, digital recording and closed circuit security surveillance systems.  ANI offers a host of essential security services that address critical aspects of technical security for any organization.

It is of great concern that the hospitality industry focus on safety and security issues. With large corporate customers raising their requirements in terms of employee safety and data protection, the entire industry is challenged to increase safety and security levels, without impacting their day to day operations.

ANI delivers state-of-the-art integrated solutions that improve hotel’s ability to detect, prevent and respond to fire and security events. Our solutions are scalable, cost effective and designed to fit hotels of all sizes.

Akisha Networks has the ability to act as your technical liaison. You can rest easy and allow ANI to consult, manage, and install all of your technology system needs.