IT Services

Akisha Networks, Inc. (ANI) views itself as an “A-Z”, full service technology services company. This makes it simple for our customers. They don’t have to go through the “figure out what the problem is so that they will know who to call” dilemma. Just contact ANI and we will take care of it. No questions asked.

Gartner Research estimates a typical employee spends six to ten hours every month dealing with computer issues. Add that up for every employee, every month, and that’s a lot of downtime. When you allow us to partner with you, we bring all of our technical and business expertise to ensure that your technology infrastructure works as it was intended and without requiring you or your staff to become “computer experts.”

For one set price, we will:

  • Provide preventative maintenance via online monitoring and periodic office visits;
  • Maintain all hardware and software from computers to PDA’s to telephones;
  • Resolve any technology-related issue without requiring you or your staff to stop what they are doing to assist us;
  • Assist with technology planning and act as your technical liaison with external entities (e.g. The phone company);
  • Repair any defective equipment whether it’s under warranty or not;
  • Provide and maintain a comprehensive backup and recovery process;
  • Monitor your internet connection to ensure continuous uptime;
  • Maintain and/or repair data/voice wiring or wireless network equipment;
  • Maintain and program your telephone PBX and voicemail system;
  • Monitor your data network for computer viruses and spam;
  • Provide product (hardware/software) evaluation consulting services;
  • And any and all other actions necessary to ensure your technology infrastructure is in good working order

You use technology as a tool to get business done and to that end it should be as transparent as possible. Our goal is to assist you in creating a technology-enriched environment that is as seamless and transparent as any other utility (gas, water, sewer, electric) you use in business.