Surveillance System

You’re on call at work or on vacation far from home and you get a call – the security system has been triggered at your home!  Is it a false alarm or is there a real emergency? Traditional security systems make alarm verification a tedious and anxiety filled process. But a digital security and surveillance system designed, installed, and maintained (and even monitored).

We will leave you relaxed and at ease.  We install systems where monitored areas can be viewed via any internet connected computer.  You can even use an internet-enabled mobile phone/tablet, using it or a computer to view surveillance cameras and control your system from anywhere in the world.  Systems can be scaled to fit any environment.  Our system feature product and services from companies such as HAI, Honeywell, Everfocus, Digimerge, Bosch, and Digital Watchdog.

Let us build a system for you and get the peace of mind that comes from being completely in the know no matter where you are.